Beautiful Android Application Interfaces and Icons

The strict review guidelines followed in the Apple iOS App Store, in spite of all the flak it gets for being too strict or whimsical at times, ensures a certain quality for applications that get on the market. The Android Market’s open nature tends to work against it in some aspects, not the last of which is eye-candy. For those yearning for good, usable and contemporary UI design, trying to find the right applications in the Android Market can be quite a horrifying encounter.

Let us save you that hassle then. Presented here are 40+ Android applications that boast some of the best user interfaces and icons. Although most of these applications score high on usability and utility, those are not the primary criteria for selection in this list. What we were looking for — and hopefully succeeded in selecting — were applications that offer gorgeous interfaces and equally suitable icons.

Before we begin

Note that games have been left out of the list on purpose. They can be a category for themselves and it’s not fair to have the graphics might of game developers compete with regular applications that don’t necessarily rely on cutting edge visuals to get the job done. Also, the screenshots don’t always do justice to how good an application looks. The best validation would be to try one out yourself.



Glympse is one of many applications for Android that let you share your location with friends. What sets it apart is the clean and simple interface, the excellent UI and an equally impressive icon. This is another one of very few beautiful Android application icons on the market today.




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